As a painter I pull techniques from painting and apply it to porcelain, attempting to take the latter beyond simply being a functional and sculptural object. Since porcelain is a white, absorbent ground and especially sensitive, I am able to carve, etch, paint, and print patterns on its refined surface. With these layered together, I create visual narratives using imagery and references to nature, art history, and culture - weaving and interconnecting them to form a deep, naturalistic language within innate languages themselves.

Working with porcelain adds the element of depth and perspective in a way that a flat canvas does not. There is an intimacy in its everyday use, as a source of enjoyment, decoration, and an object to eat out of and be worn as jewelry - all the while exceeding and connecting the boundaries of craft and art.

I use a stylus for drawing and various imprinting materials including pens, leather and rubber stamps, wooden tools, the back of screws, and other found objects to create reliefs. The underglazes seep into the crevices and impressions - the transparent glaze on top floats like glass within the porcelain. Merging underglaze painting with bas-relief forms an ephemeral atmosphere that varies between lushly expressionistic and highly detailed.

Through firing, I am removed from the process, an almost mystical component that adds unpredictability and personal excitement.

A main theme in my work is the exploration of life, fertility, and man’s connection to nature and culture.I pay homage to art history and the artists' achievements. While modern society and intellectualism is disconnected from the natural world, I aim to acknowledge and honor earth’s beauty and sacredness, deconstructing the formed hierarchy.

Each piece of mine contains its own story of the humming celebration of life in the natural world as it connects with the deeper spirituality within us. I embrace the growth of nature through universal symbols, exhibiting the radiating energy and constantly revolving movement of life.